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Jake Halperin

Jacob Halperin has acquired  a rather rich solo career as he sang with the Chamber choir of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, the Israeli Vocal Ensemble,  the Oratorio Choir, the Thalamus Quartet,  the Cantors Choir "To harken unto the song and the prayer" amongst  other professional music organization in Israel and abroad. He was the soloist at the world premiere of the opera "la serenata al vento" by Aldo Finzi in Bergamo, Italy. He was the conductor of Ma'ale Edumim Chamber Choir and of the Mevaseret Zion Canzona Women Choir and is a member of the Cecilia Vocal Octet. He is very keen on spreading the a-capella Barbershop style wherever and whenever he can. Jacob Halperin has studied Musicology at the Hebrew University, and composition, voice training and music arrangement at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. 

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Photo by Yoel Levi

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